Zuzana Husárová

Enter:in’ Wodies

interactive Kinect-based project Enter:in´ Wodies by Zuzana Husárová & Ľubomír Panák




Enter:in’ Wodies is the intermedial installation, where the person interacts with the work via motion sensing input device Kinect. The main idea is to imagine the person, whose interiour you would desire to read. You can choose from two models – man or woman. After the first text that explains the initiation to enter other person, you interact with the work by choosing the body parts by touching with your hands the imaginary being. The body parts refer to seven organ systems. To reveal the poems connected with the particular human biological systems, you have to make movements with your hands to uncover the words (interaction area is defined by your physical distance of hand from the sensor). The revelation of each part brings about the biological image of its cell textures, of the music (which has its unique corresponding sound that goes with the main melody) and of the poetic text about the system’s exceptionality. After having read all the pieces, the final text appears that informs about your leaving the other person’s body.

The project was performed at KIOSK (Žilina, 2014), Ha!wangarda (Krakow, 2013), E-Poetry (London, 2013), And Now festival (Paris, 2012), Ars Poetica (Bratislava, 2012).

The project was exhibited at Prague Microfestival (Prague, 2015), EPC@20 : Twentieth Anniversary Celebration of the EPC (Buffalo, 2014), Enter 6 Biopolis, CIANT (Prague, 2013), New Poetry Forms (Košice, 2012).

The performance version at E-Poetry: