Zuzana Husárová

Video showcase of interactive works

This video shows four interactive projects created by Zuzana Husárova and Ľubomír Panák:

Enter:in’ Wodies – interactive kinect controlled poem

I: *ttter – interactive intermedial kinect controlled quasi dialogue based on works of early Central European Net.Art. This Piece was a part of REMAKE project exhibition.

BA-Tale – interactive digital literary piece telling a fictional tale of how city Bratislava was formed.

Any Vision – Video poem on the process of electron microscopy scanning. The lines of the gradually self-reducing anagram poem are printed on a semiconductor device sample of Germanium and Silicon dioxide.(Concept, Poetry, Sound: Zuzana Husárová, Scanning Electron Microscopy: Rodolfo Camacho-Aguilera, Cinematography: Generoso Fierro, Editing: Garrett Beazley)