Zuzana Husárová

Liminal Performance

live performances with Amalia Roxana Filip are part of a transmedia project liminal. The main idea of the performance is to provide the recipient with an enhanced experience of what we perceive as engaging about parts of a day and liminal states. The main project is divided into parts – morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night – usually just one part is performed, with its specific poetics, concerning the choice of sound technique (from field recordings to lettristic sound poetry) and visual elements (different colours and graphics for different part).


The live visuals during performances follow the aesthetics of the graphics in the books, with one major difference – improvisation: they use the same graphic elements but in the process of playing them live, they “distort” and reinterpret them thus generating images that might look different than in the book pages.

liminal performance, part Morning and Noon, Prague Microfestival, 12. May 2013, Prague
liminal performance, part Morning, Kreatívne ráno, 22. January 2013, KC Dunaj, Bratislava
liminal performance, part Noon, Festival Siete, 24. November 2012, U Očka, Bratislava