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Zuzana Husárová – Lucent, Illustrations & Design by Amalia Roxana Filip, Released by Drewo a srd in Bratislava, 2013.

The book is a part of a transmedia project lucent (www.lucent.liminal.name): book, sound poetry on the website and live performances.

This book of visual poetry refers to five different aspects of space: sonicality, visuality, fullness, size, diversity.The book is in black and white, with different degrees of grey, with layers of light and darkness communicating together to bring about the feelings of gravity and its disappearance. The poems in visual landscapes remind the readers of several spatial characteristics that often reach beyond 3D space.
Concept of capturing and understanding place/space is developed by listening to its sound quality, by watching its visuality, by immersing into its fulness, by measuring its size and by touching its diversity (as the main frames of the work, each frame containing 6 poems).


lucent appears in TVAR, 6/2014. >>>
lucent appears in VLAK 2013. >>>
lucent appears in Tapin2 Collection:Totalement/totale Action/actuelle Poésie/poetry/poesia Internationale/inadmissible/inouïe Nouvelle/now/new v.2.0
Tapin2, edited by Julien d’Abrigeon >>>
lucent mentioned in journal Dobrá adresa
Michal Šanda in Dobrá adresa, č. 3/2014, s. 33 >>>