Zuzana Husárová

Lucent Performance

lucent is a transmedia project of Zuzana Husárová and Amalia Roxana Filip that covers a book of visual poetry, sound poems and live performances. The theme is exploration of space that might be interpreted as the space of a language. A variety of aspects comes into play: acoustics, visualisation, size, fullness and diversity. The Project is tuned into black and white with shades of grey, with layers of light and darkness that communicate together in order to bring the feelings of gravity and its disappearance. The poems in this visual and acoustic land speak about the characteristics they reach beyond a 3D space.

The live performances combine live visuals with live sound poetry. During performances, live visuals follow the aesthetics of the graphics in the books, with one major difference – improvisation: they use the same graphic elements but in the process of playing them live, they “distort” and reinterpret them. In the sound poetry, live voice manipulation is combined with LeapMotion sensor controlled music software in order to bring vowel and syllabic tensions.

lucent performance, A4, 27. January 2014, Bratislava
lucent performance, Psí víno, 29. January 2014, K4, Prague