Zuzana Husárová


This is a performance version of my poem “PNS: SNP” that appeared in the anthology of contemporary Slovak poetry and prose “Prebúdzanie sedmospáčov: Antológia súčasnej poézie a prózy k 25. výročiu Nežnej revolúcie”, edited by Mária Modrovich & Peter Šulej. The original poem consists of the urban folklore (graffiti, tags, wall messages, posters), text reappropriated from the Bratislava Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising – plus a phonetic alphabet representation and an oscilloscopic representation of some textual parts. Here I use Launchpad to trigger prerecorded fragments of the poem, read by Veronika Marcinčáková Husárová, Jana Kravjarová, Ľubomír Panák, Jozej Klampiar. The performance version follows the concept of the poem – where the author becomes the selector, textual DJ (TJ) who for the representation of contemporary Slovak expression, voices the urban folklore, but adds a sonic level to it (“Youth presents sound nečum poec sweet home” – as is written in the poem´s last line). *Thanks to Ľubomír Panák for video

More about the book version and the context

It appears in:
Drunken Boat collection of Digital Poetry, curated by Jhave
Babelsprech International, MUSIK DER DICHTUNG, curated by Max Csollek