Zuzana Husárová

Gnosis 3.0

Gűnther Anders writes in his book Die Antiqiertheit des Menschen: “Today’s Prometheus asks: ‘Who am I anyway?’” The question of individual ontics resonates in the era of transhumanism also through the connection of the human and the cybernetic that is probably our own now. Transhumanism as already today’s humanism, is here approached through the reimplementation and recontextualisation of phrases from Oswald Wiener´s Zur Konzeption des Bioadapters and the citations from a Japanese cyberpunk film Ghost in the Shell, both a cult works on the topic. In this sound poetry performance, Leap Motion controlled software is used for the real-time manipulation of vocal samples and is combined with sounds and voices. The noise-poetic-soundscape vibrates by echoing the scale from whispers to shouting, referring to the traversal between consciousness and unconsciousness of (trans)human experience.

a video recording of the performance Gnosis 3.0 in Paris, at Festina lente at Société de curiosités in Paris, 7/03/15. Video by Vincent Drouot. Source: tapin²

Zuzana from TAPIN2 on Vimeo.