Zuzana Husárová


Trans(who?)man – Olga Pek, Zuzana Husárová:

Sound poetry performance with theoretical interpolations 

The piece intertwines electronic sound poetry by Zuzana Husárová (ranging from the inhumanely mechanic to sensual) and theoretical prose passages by Olga Pek.  Eroding the distinction between poetic and scientific language, it at once offers a rich visceral experience and a re-evaluation of the transhumanist movement from a feminist perspective. Reading and writing through Nietzsche’s concept of the “overman,” Fukuyama’s reworking of Nietzsche’s notion of the “last man,” the “Transumanist Declaration” and Arthur C. Clarke’s dictum that “[a]ny sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” it problematizes the technooptimism and patriarchal implications inherent to the notion of the “man of the future” to prove it, in fact, a projection of the contemporary.