Zuzana Husárová

Book Amoeba

Zuzana Husárová – Olga Pek: Amoeba (EN), Published by The Literary Pocket Book, Micro Series in UK, 2015.

Eighth in the LPBmicro series is Zuzana Husárová and Olga Pek’s Amoeba. When an amoeba divides in two, does it stop existing? This collaborative sequence explores individuality, binarity, generativity and affective force, mixing them in a cocktail of biological, philosophical, feminist and futuristic fragments that span antiquity to the present and beyond. Protean as an amoeba, it oscillates between technopoesis, sound manipulation and lyrical (t)hereness. Presented here as a ball-like book made of transparent vellum paper.

This origami book, hand-crafted by Steven Hitchins, follows the multimedial poetic performance Amoeba. Images by L’ubomír Panák.