Collective publication ENTER+ Repurposing in Electronic Literature  /ENTER Reintencia v elektronickej literatúre/ edited by María Mencía & Zuzana Husárová, Košice: Divé buki, 2014.

The aim of this publication is to show the fruitfulness and multifariousness of approaches that the concept of repurposing has invigorated and incorporated within the field of literature. As a result of this the term literature is broadened and can be understood to include the use of differing platforms and media as well as experimentation with programmable languages, voice, techniques and modalities. Most of the artists taking part in the exhibition have contributed an article for this publication that reflects and connects with their work and the exhibition’s theme of ‘Repurposing in Electronic Literature’. The authors/artists were given free license to write their articles in a style of their own choosing. This approach enriched the publication by gathering a variety of creative writing styles and perspectives in the form of notes, code and scholarly reviews. With contributions by: Mark Amerika, Jeneen Naji, Leonardo Flores, Ian Hatcher, Jason Nelson, Christine Wilks, Mez Breeze, Rui Torres, Jörg Piringer, Mariusz Pisarski, Richard Kitta, Mária Rišková, Bogumila Suwara, María Mencía, Nick Montfort in collaboration with Stephanie Strickland, Amaranth Borsuk in collaboration with Brad Bouse, Zuzana Husárová in collaboration with Ľubomír Panák and the creative group R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX.

Collective monograph V sieti strednej Európy: nielen o elektronickej literatúre: /In Central European Network: not only about electronic literature:/ edited by Bogumila Suwara & Zuzana Husárová, Bratislava: SAP, Ústav svetovej literatúry SAV, 2012.

This international collective monograph brings an understanding of the problematic of changes in artistic communication in the context of the cultural practices of the post-digital era and simultaneously asks new questions about it. This book presents the keystones of electronic literature research that are based, among others, on the digital character of the text, on multisensory reading, playfulness, hypermediality, experimentation and Internet communication. Its aim is also to map digital literature in the cultural environment of Central Europe. Researchers from Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Croatia collaborated on the publication. The monograph is a printed textual tapestry of various approaches, theories and perspectives that communicate among themselves, react to each other and together clarify the structure that literature personifies in the new media realm. With contributions by Zuzana Husárová, Jana Kuzmíková, Gabriela Magová, Mira Nabělková, Andrzej Pająk, Katarina Peović Vuković, Mariusz Pisarski, Michal Rehúš a Jaroslav Šrank, Janez Strehovec, Bogumiła Suwara, Jaroslav Švelch. It is also available for download at Monoskop:   Information at ELMCIP