As an academic, I teach American Literature, Electronic Literature, Intercultural Communication at Comenius University in Bratislava - Faculty of Education, Department of English Language and Literature. I also teach classes on electronic literature and digital fiction at Masaryk University, Theory of Interactive Media in Brno. I  hold a PhD in Literary Studies from the Institute of World Literature at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava, where I defended thesis Writing in Interactive Media. Digital Fiction in August 2009. From January until June 2011 I conducted my academic and research endeavour as a Fulbright scholar at MIT - Writing and Humanistic Studies in Cambridge, USA. I co-taught class Interactive and Nonlinear Narrative with Nick Montfort and did a research on electronic literature. With Bogumila Suwara, I co-edited an international collective monograph on electronic literature and its theoretical reception in Central Europe: V sieti strednej Európy: nielen o elektronickej literatúre (In Central European Network: not only about electronic literature).

I am the author of experimental literature across various media and with Ľubomír Panák have created interactive literary pieces (Enter: in’ Wodies, I: *ttter, Obvia Gaude, BA-Tale, Pulse), published at I am the author with Amalia Roxana Filip of transmedia projects liminal and lucent (visual poetry book, sound poetry and live performances at I collaborate with four artists on a multimedia performance Phenomena Research.

I have organized several workshops on new media literature, have participated on the grants on electronic literature research.

My theoretical and creative works have been published in a number of European (Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, Kloaka, 3/4) , American journals (Drunken Boat, BathHouse Hypermedia Journal, Yes, Poetry, SpringGun), Korean journal (Concrete Experience), were shown at AXIOM – Center for New and Experimental Media in Boston, at Waterman´s Centre in London, at Sorbonne in Paris and at various events and symposia.